Body and Mind Wellness in Brisbane

Our services range from  psychological counselling to indoor cycling, pilates and yoga

We have 10 years’ experience in couple and family counselling and expertise in depression, anxiety and trauma therapy

Clinical psychology with a difference!

The mind and body are truly connected, and at Wheelpower Wellness, we integrate therapy for both in order to help you create a happier and healthier life. 

Our clinical psychology services take a personalised approach. We specialise in trauma, anxiety, depression and supporting lifestyle choices that assist with managing chronic pain and medical conditions such as diabetes, fatty liver disease, and obesity. 

We have 10 years’ experience in couple and family counselling as well as individual therapy to suit your needs.
Counselling sessions available in Italian as well.

We are the first Zwift studio in Brisbane and our mission is to take indoor cycling to the next level.

Indoor cycling with the Zwift Factor!

Come in and try the fun of riding with others while improving your physical and mental fitness! Experience the benefits of a controlled structured workout tailored to your needs, we can help you set up specific goals that relate to areas beyond strength and power and include flexibility, endurance, comfort and enjoyment. For those keen we can help with the preparation for specific events or races as well. We’ve got you sorted with top quality smart trainers and the… Zwift Factor! (Click HERE to learn more about Zwift)

Translating high quality research into practice
for the benefit of the local community.

Exercise consultations

Our professional accredited exercise physiologist has a PhD in exercise training for people of all shapes, sizes and fitness levels, and has a speciality in exercise therapy for metabolic conditions such as fatty liver and diabetes. You will receive individualised, practical advice to get you started with a more active life. BOOK NOW ►

Dietary consultations

Our experienced dietitian-nutritionist has a speciality in gastrointestinal disorders, including irritable bowel syndrome and fatty liver. You will receive evidence-based, practical advice for choosing a nourishing diet to support a healthier life. BOOK NOW

We offer Yoga and Pilates classes for emotional grievances.


Come in and try the relaxing atmosphere of restorative yoga, aligning the mind and the body through gentle movements, breathing and still positions.

For those looking for a more tailored approach, our specialised teachers are keen to assist you one-on-one to meet your personal needs. Packages are available for yoga instruction, physical and nutritional advice for general wellness as well as support for people experiencing anxiety and post-traumatic stress disorder. BOOK NOW
We use an integrated approach to health. Let us help you reconnect your body and mind to find a fresh approach to healthy living.
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